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  •  We have a stone house 1812 (18+ / 0-)

    My husband purchased the house in the late 80's and starting renovations.  The first of which was to uncover a stone fireplace I can stand in.  The bread oven had been removed, and he still hopes to replace it.  We're in PA near Easton.  One of the first places to read the Declaration.  The house has a cistern and was a daughter house to another nearby.  The renovations exposed one foot thick tree trunks for beams.  The walls are 2 ft thick field stone.  When we renovated the upstairs we realized that the roof had been assembled in the backyard initially. Everything was numbered and the pegs are hand hewed.   To all who have said you don't own is so true.  If you're lucky you do become a part of it.  I had a stranger walk into the house one time.  Her comment struck me.  She said that the joy of all the children who had lived in the house was palpable.  Good luck with your renovations...can't wait to see the pictures!

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