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  •  When we first moved in, our main heat (2+ / 0-)
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    came from the fireplace in the kitchen (add a sofa and a tv, and it's also a living room!)  On the outside, you could look up and see daylight through the cracks in the mortar.  After the collapsed foundation wall, rebuilding that chimney was the first order of business.  

    Our insurance agent came through and said, "I assume all your chimneys are lined."  We laughed.  He said, "If you have a chimney fire your house will burn down."  

    "How?" we asked.

    "Well, the fire could burn through the mortar to the studs."

    "There are no studs.  The whole house is plaster on brick.  The only wood in the house are the floors, doors and woodwork.  And we plastered the interior of that chimney."

    "Oh, I guess it's okay, then."

    It helps to find insurance agents who like old houses.

    "I speak the truth, not as much as I would, but as much as I dare, and I dare a little the more, as I grow older." --Montaigne

    by DrLori on Sat Feb 16, 2013 at 05:27:09 AM PST

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