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View Diary: Bricks, or the Damnedest Clues in the Damnedest Places (152 comments)

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  •  ah, i was thinking about architectural ceramics (0+ / 0-)

    more in the line of ceramic cladding, such as tile and the large architectural ceramics components which arrived with the invention of the 'skyscraper' in the late 1800s.

    many times these clay components were glazed or fired higher so they were less porous  though  they usually all still had some porosity.  kind of like brick... it depends how high the bricks or tiles are fired. but the mortar still played a very active roll in the breathing of the building, and migration of moisture.

    also design elements such as trim, overhangs, which worked to physically shed outside water.....

    I make  tile and arch. ceramics for a living and am fascinated and in love with brick and tile and clay clad and  adobe buildings and have also studied them a bit and helped to repair and restore them...there is so much to learn from them, and from those who are still alive who know some of the old trades and techniques

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