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  •  As for the atrocity you mentioned (1+ / 0-)
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    I apologize, and have found my own documentation.  That sort of female genital mutilation did occur -- at Sand Creek under the hands of Chivington's men.  Although that's a detail I didn't recall about that massacre, it doesn't actually surprise me much (I knew there was male genital mutilation following the massacre).  Chivington's attack at Sand Creek stands out from a wide background of terrible behavior by the US Cavalry on account of its sheer and unremitting barbarism, from its beginning (as an attack against nonhostile civilians under a flag of truce) to its end (with widespread mutilation of the victims).  There's substantial evidence that Chivington even had one of his own men murdered for giving testimony against him.

    To the credit of the government, Chivington's actions were specifically condemned by Congress, the US Army, and the United Methodist Church, and are widely credited with beginning the softening of public views regarding Native Americans (despite first escalating into the 1865 plains campaign).  Both Congress and the Army had expressed a desire for real and severe punishment for his atrocities, but he was an unintentional beneficiary of the post-Civil War general amnesty, and so was sadly able to live a long and stridently unrepentant life.

    I can't immediately find record of anyone else similarly barbaric.  I don't have any illusion about the "nobility" of the 19th century US Cavalry, but thankfully very few of their (admittedly many) abuses rose to within sight of Chivington's level of depravity.

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    by Serpents Choice on Wed Feb 13, 2013 at 10:44:19 AM PST

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