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View Diary: Obama's proposal to raise the minimum wage collides immediately with usual Republican malarkey (171 comments)

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  •  EVERY employer I 've met has voiced that myth (3+ / 0-)
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    what whit, roadbear, efrenzy

    -and yet I've NEVER seen it actually happen.

    Perhaps it's because such idiots alway go out of business before it can.

    The most inept people I've ever seen were always "small business owners." I mean REAL SBO's, not large corporations subdivided to evade taxes or get undeserved subsidies. And every single one aspires to be a BIG business, and so, emulates them - especially the worst of them.

    But there seems to be some misguided assumption by most Americans that everyone is suited to run a business, is honest enough to provide a good service or product, and therefore deserves to make a profit. It is extremely rare when any one of those things is true, never mind two of them, and NEVER three.

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