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  •  Yes. It involves way more people. (5+ / 0-)

    It brings the issue home, everywhere. It facilitates growing local and regional networks, and coalitions of diverse groups working on different environmental and/or policy issues. It encourages young people, not just on college campuses but in high schools and grade schools as well.

    Nobody pays any real attention to how many people are protesting what in DC these days. It's always something, and most media don't even bother covering any of it. Same if you focus too much on state capitals. If you really want to say something about our dependence on petroleum, wasting a whole bunch of it so you can show up and not be counted is pretty counterproductive. I'd love to see some demonstrations where most participants show up on bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, mopeds, donkey carts... anything but cars and trucks. In my nearest city, public transport would be okay - it's all electric or biodiesel, has been for years.

    The only way the status quo will change is if the people ignore the status quo and change things themselves. I've long believed that.

    •  Masses Shrugged (4+ / 0-)

      I'm not so sure that 'taking it to the streets' and 'demonstrations' are so effective anymore. I think people need to organize and decide on a series of rolling dates in key cities, and pull a Masses Shrugged, wherein people stay home with their family and friends, and the streets and businesses would be empty.

      •  Interesting idea. (3+ / 0-)

        But short of a nationwide general strike, I don't think there's much any group of 'demonstrators' can do that would shake media silence and political complacency. And if we haven't had any spectacular general strikes yet (I do remember France in the late '60s), I don't think those will ever happen either. Too many people in this country are hopelessly automated.

        I like to encourage people to stop fretting and whining if it's not getting anything done, just turn their backs on the Big Picture that's making their lives miserable. Put into regular daily practice all the things you believe people should be doing, and live your life as if that counted. Because it does, maybe more than anything else.

        Get your energy usage down to as low as possible. Install those solar panels as soon as possible. Ditch the cable TV and just get a Roku for occasional movies. Plant some peas, shop at your local grower's market, learn how to cook, eat good food and eat it at home. Buy a bike and use it regularly. Donate time and energy to community and hunger projects. Teach your children well, and their friends too if they're always hanging around... §;o)

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