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View Diary: Fox News ridicules Desiline Victor, the 102 year old who stood in line to vote (198 comments)

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  •  Imagine what they'd have been saying . . . (13+ / 0-)

    if they'd had to stand in line for 6 hours to vote.

    Oh my goodness, it would have been a left wing kenyan muslim communist nazi conspiracy to keep "real americans" from voting.

    But african americans having to wait in line 6 hours, well they should be thankful they have even been allowed to register to vote. And that is probably a mistake engineered by Acorn operatives trying to destroy America.

    Just when you think those people at fox news could not sink any lower they get out their shovels and prove you wrong.

    If there is anything that proves America is in decline it is the very existence of Fox news, the fact that they have viewers, and the fact that they can get advertisers to give them money.

    How is it that in the 2013 that network can even exist in this Nation? Just makes me sick to my stomach if I think about it.

    The nine most terrifying words in the english language . . . "I'm George Bush, we're here to liberate your country"

    by TiredOfGOPLies on Thu Feb 14, 2013 at 09:03:35 AM PST

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