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View Diary: Must See-TV: Maddow and the Lies that Led to Iraq (64 comments)

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  •  Unnecessary? (13+ / 0-)

    Unconstitutional more like it. The FF were adamant about imperialism, so they put it in the Constitution with a big prohibited sign on it.

    The Bush Doctrine, preemptive touchy feely paranoiaism. Not legal.

    I didn't have any terror. It was 3000 or so more people, which is not a large amount considering our 315M+ population. More people get shot or die in car accidents or for lack of health care. I'm not saying it wasn't horrible, but I wasn't terrorized. Especially not toward Iraq. If I were Saddam having to deal with Iran, I'd have lied about my bellicose capabilities too. In matters of state it is done all the time, it's diplomacy and posturing.

    The terrorists are nothing compared to what this government has done to our democratic process. The Patriot Act is a travesty.

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