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View Diary: Must See-TV: Maddow and the Lies that Led to Iraq (64 comments)

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  •  Even PBS went along for the ride (0+ / 0-)

    Here in Alaska I finally had gotten hooked up to Dishnet and was into watching Jim Lehrer, Charlie Rose etc as valid information sources. With the advent of the rush to war however I was astounded that in their panels of very serious experts discussion of the impending invasion never asked "why" or what the evidence really was only when is Bush going to launch it. Never a mention of the hundreds of UN weapons inspectors Sadaam had invited back into Iraq in October of 2002 who had been scouring the country and finding nothing. The inspectors had complete access to anywhere in the country that our or any intelligence agency around the world gave suspicions of WMD facilities or storage sites. All the information that Powell presented to the UN had been proven false by the inspectors or could have been had Bush allowed the inspectors to complete the work that David Kelley's group did after the debacle was launched. But no mention on PBS and I have never watched that program again without thinking "what are they not telling us today?" Mainstream/corporate media exposed themselves as more dangerous than right wing media at that time because their's is the much more sinister sin of omission rather than up front distortions of FOX, limpbaugh etc.

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