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View Diary: Must See-TV: Maddow and the Lies that Led to Iraq (64 comments)

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  •  Army Chief Shinseki told them the truth (1+ / 0-)
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    A sad irony of the debacle is that Army Chief of Staff Gen. Erik Shinseki warned Rumsfeld that he would need hundreds of thousands of soldiers to maintain stability in the country after the invasion. He was removed from office for his honesty. When Obama was elected he was appointed as head of the VA where he is now in charge of modernizing a much neglected organization and putting back together the tens of thousands of mental and physically wounded Iraq veterans as well as the tens of thousands of Viet Nam vets like myself whose PTSD came rushing back in nightmarish fashion. Like they say in AA, you can quit drinking but the thirst just grows and when you start again the compulsion will be worse so the long suppressed horrors of Viet Nam came out of silent dormancy and roared into our conscious days. As a wise poster said on here a couple of weeks ago when we discussed when the Viet Nam war ended, "It never ended".

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