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View Diary: Secret Billionaire Donors Poured $120M into Denying Climate Science (24 comments)

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    Troubadour, Sylv, trumpeter

      Crooks and Liars adds to the Guardian article, adding some donor names.  
        Sorry, it's late, so I'll leave you with the link:

         Donors Trust 990 form (2010) that details who they subsidized  is about 60 pg.  It takes a bunch of pages to donate $29M to other groups.

    1.   Yes they donate to ALEC - 25K
    2.   Lots of $$$  to the  "to be expected" groups, CASH - mostly for "general operations.   But there are some specific names in the "purpose" section that may not mean much - but could be newly identified players - possible denialist???
    3.   Biggest recipients:  American For Prosperity   $7,648,911
              (don't carve into stone - I need to verify when wide awake
    4.   Recycled Money (my term)  Donors Trust to Donors Capital Fund - $1,253,334


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