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View Diary: Tim Tebow aligns with Hatemongering Mega-Church (69 comments)

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  •  To conflate politics and religion (2+ / 0-)
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    Hey338Too, RockyMtnLib

    is not appropriate. Indeed, it is presumptuous to assume that embracing belief in a deity (or, if you prefer a Deity), gives anyone sufficient grounds to feel superior to some specific segment of humanity "just because."

    I'm not interested in bashing religion. I have a religion, though my practice of it is decidedly casual (for reasons which are entirely my own). It is not religion I'm objecting to. It is the abuse of religion that I find offensive. It is the assertion--whether implicit or explicit that because someone proclaims their beliefs loudly--they must be given a pass on bigotry that I find absolutely unacceptable.

    Everyone is entitled to his or her beliefs but they are not entitled to use those beliefs as a weapon to be launched against others who view things differently or who experience their lives differently.

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