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View Diary: Climate Change is Here, Now (55 comments)

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  •  At this point, it's a struggle to limit the misery (8+ / 0-)

    rather than to avoid the changes.  Complex systems like the climate tend to change abruptly once critical thresholds are crossed, like flipping a light switch.  Being able to definitively measure any change most likely means that the switch has been flipped and the system is in the processes of undergoing a state change.  No matter what we do now, the next few decades are going to be ugly.  And I get very pessimistic about our chances as a species of actually doing anything serious.

    This doesn't mean that I have given up trying.  I continue to do everything I can to contribute to positive change, if only to try and limit the harm and avoid the worst case scenario.  I'm not much fun at parties anymore...

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