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View Diary: Limbaugh Is Losing! With Each Hateful Word, More Sponsors Leave. (300 Left Last Month) Total: 2,500+ (205 comments)

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  •  Test Response fro Univ. of Dallas (2+ / 0-)
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    Me via a private message on Facebook:

    Rush Limbaugh is no friend of higher education, and the dog-eat-dog economic theory he espouses is inconsistent with Catholic social teaching since Rerum Novarum. Your institution should not be sponsoring his program.
    The University of Dallas (a private RC liberal arts college) replies:
    Hello. We do not sponsor Rush Limbaugh as you have led many to believe. We sponsor a Cumulus Radio Career Expo for those who are looking to make better lives for themselves. As in the past, we have asked the radio station not to air our sponsorship package spots during Limbaugh and they will be taken out of rotation on Monday. Obviously, there was an administrative error. Had you or anyone else asked before attempting to hijack our social media, then you could have focused your energy on something more constructive. Thanks.
    Really, they ought to demand that the radio station compensate them for damaging their brand and forcing the good people at the University of Dallas to waste man-hours flaming random people who contact them via their publicly-accessible social media sites.

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