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  •  There's a reason ACA divided the left (11+ / 0-)

    and the four year delay was a big part of it. That along with the mandate pretty much sealed my opinion of it as a mixed bag at best. My real hope long term is that it makes health insurance non-viable as a business model. But there's just as big a chance that its regulatory provisions will be watered down or enforcement will become lax and we get basically no change out of it.

    Obama's compromise on this and the original stimulus have cost us politically and economically so much.

    •  No, we need private insurance! (2+ / 0-)
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      kareylou, Dogs are fuzzy

      I am being serious. We need a for profit division os health care, but we also need single payer. The reason we need private insurance is if there are no price mechanisms to keep the single payer in check, we will be right back where we started with HC prices skyrocketing and being unsustainable. Also, wihout for profit health industry, where will you turn when your treatment is denied by the government, and don't tell me it won't happen. Lastly, all of our current research on cancer and cutting edge drug therapy is a heavily for-profit industry. That is what drives the research. If you take that away, you will slow down innovation the 3rd world status. I know how the research works since my friend's husband is a researcher. No R&D companey will do what they do for peanuts.

      •  Um, we don't have private insurance (6+ / 0-)

        in Canada.

        The government doesn't decide who does or does not get treated here; that decision is left to health care professionals.

      •  Do you have much experience with the private (8+ / 0-)

        insurance companies? I do. Unfortunately, I'm not an anomaly. I won't tell you my story or that of a friend's mom with AIDS, or my friend who with liver cancer, or my friend who had to go to Europe for cancer treatment. These are personal anecdotes, which anyone can tell. You do know France has the top rated healthcare system in the world, with some of the top research? The largest healthcare system there is through the government. A French research team were the true discoverers of the AIDS virus, but had to fight a U.S. researcher who'd gotten some of their specimen. He knew how lucrative that discovery was; they went to court and after about SEVEN years he finally agreed to "share" the discovery. The French researchers were able to then continue working on finding cures without paying the jerk (imagine more appropriate terms there) a royalty. Good health, cures, care, are not the goal of for private insurance companies; profit is, and when the source of that money is from those who are ill and desperate, it is wrong. I could go on, about the majority of funding for R and D going into promotion and finding new uses for old medications so the patent life is extended, but I'll let those who read this do some research on their own. Know the facts.

        "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." Mohandas Gandhi

        by cv lurking gf on Sat Feb 16, 2013 at 11:00:48 AM PST

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        •  IIRC, Fauci stole the testing patent (1+ / 0-)
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          cv lurking gf

          from the French and then lied about it and then claimed it was ours.

          The French are the best but......Amurkin exceptionalism.

          •  That is incorrect (0+ / 0-)

            You are thinking of Robert Gallo.  Ultimately, it was not clear there was any wrongdoing.  From wikipedia:  In the November 29, 2002 issue of Science, Gallo and Montagnier published a series of articles, one of which was co-written by both scientists, in which they acknowledged the pivotal roles that each had played in the discovery of HIV.

        •  Yes, I am very familiar with government run (1+ / 0-)
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          cv lurking gf

          healthcare and private insurance, since I have had both. I just think having only one or the other is bad news. I have only anecdotal evidence such as yours, with good and bad about each, so I like to keep my options open. Not everything about profit driven anything is in itself. I like choice, and don't discourage the options to provide them. I am sure that doesn't make me liberal enough around here to want private and public plans, but it is based on my experiences of both.

          •  I don't think anyone is denying the (0+ / 0-)

            right of private insurance companies to exist. However, current;y regulations seem to protect the companies, not their clients. Insurance companies once wagered that they'd make profit off most people staying healthy while consumers bet they'd need insurance one day. Now, insurance companies have figured out how to limit the amount of care when needed to outright cancelling at the most desperate time. Regulations have attempted to stop that practice but the companies always find do-arounds. What I learned when a car bit off my foot, was this: I paid my premium monthly, even after the accident. I of course sued the drivers and won. The insurance company came after my settlement. It turns out that had they been able to reattach my mangled blog of ankle and foot, I would have been "whole" so I would have had to pay them back. I had a top personal injury attorney (one who another friend used only by saying his name and got her settlement after almost of year of correspondence after another driver messed up her foot when he crossed a median doing 80 mph), and that's what he told me.Basically, you give them money for them to lend back to you.

            "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." Mohandas Gandhi

            by cv lurking gf on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 08:45:30 AM PST

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    •  And might I add that I do (0+ / 0-)

      agree with you that it shouldn't be a business model to provide care to everyone. It should be fee for service enterprise like all insurance. It just shouldn't be the mechanism for providing health care to all citizens.

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