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View Diary: Human Lives Lose To Bean Counters: High Risk Pools Closed to New Applicants (117 comments)

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  •  No, administrative costs are capped now for (1+ / 0-)
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    everyone. Millions of people got rebates last year because insurance companies who did not pay 80% toward health care had to rebate excess or lower the rates to repay it that way.

    However you are right that rates were crazy high especially for individual payers. Biggest companies paid the least...  about 7-10% extra for administrative but smallest businesses and individual policies could go over 30.
    That was the plan with the exchange because everyone who buys a plan from a company is part of the group, that itself driving down the price.
    (But in the meantime is this rule)

    That's part of the delay on that preexisting clause delay. Until everyone is required to get the insurance it would be the already sick who would rush in to buy it and that would shoot up the cost for the smaller pool of people in it...
    That's why these special interim high risk pools kicked in for the interim period. (Kids rates went crazy high when policy changed.. at least in states where I know parents who were buying individual policies for their children) (who themselves had no preexisting condition. Just all rates went up for children)
    2014 seems so long to wait for the exchanges but boy has the setting it up been tricky... especially with so many states missing deadlines while hoping Obamacare would die.

    No new applicants is a bitch...though with that 6 month delay pretty soon we are just 6 months from Obamacare in any case.
    Some states had that 6 month policy for chip as well. Kids had to be uninsured 6 months before they could be considered. New Jersey was one. Really tough.

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