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View Diary: Defense Contractor, Slaps Child, Uses N*word - Suspended. (294 comments)

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  •  at this point he has been both accused, and (6+ / 0-)
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    accursed, and I'm not picking on your typo, I'm suggesting that this man really is 'accursed' -as he seems to be totally possessed by that ol' demon rum.

    He did a stupid dangerous immature and mean thing -and in public, too. Why? Alcohol. We need some of those inhibitions to stick with us and keep our baser instincts reigned in in a public place. Which is why I never understood alcohol sales on a plane. Can you bring your beer o the subway? Anyway-

    After he gets seriously prosecuted -if he gets it big this time- perhaps he'll get the help he's crying out for. I am in no way defending this man's particular actions. But if it's true that 'white privilege' allows a lot of pricks to get into powerful positions, it's also true that he's been punished lightly for previous misbehavior, which both teaches him that things are o-kay and means that he's got to screw up pretty darn big or publicly before anyone will put a stop to him.

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