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  •  Wasn't a huge UN compound in Baghdad destroyed? (4+ / 0-)
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    The Marti, YucatanMan, aitchdee, sharman

    It caused the death of an important and highly respected Diplomat.  Photos of the devastation were horrifying.

    And hey, guys, what about the attacks in Beirut during Reagan's administration.  How many were killed there?  233?  234?  Did McCain raise a stink about how such a horrific thing could happen, and what the President did, who he talked to, etc?  He did not.  Americans united, in their grief, the Navy shelled some areas though to harbor the groups thought to be involved and the US packed up and left Lebanon.

    Sorry, I don't recall a lot of Congressional Hearings about all of that, do you?

    McCain has lost whatever shreds of respect he gained by running a generally clean campaign in 2008.  There was that Palin thing, but McCain himself stayed out of the gutter.

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