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    Your idiot base is over it. They could never even locate Benghazi on a map, nor comprehend what was going on in Libya at the time. They only got excited for a brief moment when they thought this "scandal" might influence the election. It didn't. Your base has moved on. So should you. They never really cared about uprisings in the Middle East, or murdered American diplomats. They still don't.

    •  Well, I don't think (0+ / 0-)

      they've moved on.  Not yet. As long as the Faux Newsies keep flogging it, they'll think it's the Worst Scandal In The History Of Civilization.  

      The day after Faux stops flogging it, they'll completely forget about it, just like you said ;)

      You're 100% correct, of course, about their inability to locate Benghazi on a map.  But who can blame them?  After all, they never learned to speak Benghazian.  Or something.  Also.

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