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  •  There are a few sane dems in JoCo (3+ / 0-)

    I am a transplant here from Ohio...a very republican area in Ohio.  My husband was born and raised in Mission and is extremely liberal as are many of our friends.  We are out numbered...but I refuse to move and let "them" win by default.

    •  I was one of those sane dems (7+ / 0-) in Leawood, naturally.  Lived there from '06-'09.  Loved what the taxes could provide there, a vitual utopia of great schools and beautiful parks- great place for a young family.

      My Obama '08 bumper sticker and my yard sign got me into a bit of trouble (stolen 6 times).  However, what upset me was how misinformed these otherwise educated, upwardly mobile group of Leawood-ites were re: Obama, Democrats, taxes...etc....Very odd for this East Coast transplant.  I felt it was my mission to quietly educate and de-demonize Obama for them, but it was a futile and thankless job.

      I did, however, find my secret society - called ourselves The Liberal Ladies of Leawood, (all four of us!) to vent our frustrations and find support in one another. I'm convinced that if one finds a group of like-minded people, it's far easier to manage.  

      Now back on the East Coast, I miss my lovely Leawood and am still frustrated by radical Republicans in my church- so geography isn't always an absolute problem or solution.

      •  My husband grew up there... (1+ / 0-)
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        ...and my mother-in-law still lives there (Leawood).  She's somewhat progressive and she and I can have a decent, well-informed discussion about things that are going on in this country today (BTW, she LOATHES Brownback)...

        Her son (my husband), however, has turned into this gun-toting reactionary (he bristles at the tea bagger label, however) who thinks that everyone in Washington needs to be voted out so that the citizen legislator can make things right again (what's even worse is that most of the folks that he works with and those we socialize with agree)...

        They tolerate me as the "token liberal" with the way-out in the middle of the NV desert has only made me more liberal (not less), and I've found a small group of like-minded individuals who are keeping me sane.  

        Thank Goddess.

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