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  •  Boy, I sure feel for you (3+ / 0-)
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    It's bad enough even in a blue state like New York. New York City is mainly what makes it blue; pockets of upstate are pretty right-wing batshit crazy too.

    I'm feeling this personally, because my own brother, once a Hillary supporter, has started telling me whatever distorted conspiracy theory he hears on Fox (of course he can't fathom that not everyone agrees), then goes on bad-mouthing Democrats, Liberals, etc.  But the worst part is he too has turned into a crazed gun nut, stoked by the NRA and the most right wing extreme elements he can find.  New York's new gun laws have really set him off, he complains about it every day. I'm getting worried that there could be an armed insurrection in our future.

    And my next door neighbor, also a Fox viewer, is another right-wing nut of the religious variety whose one overriding issue is outlawing abortion. At least I hope these people aren't going to come out shooting random people someday, unlike the gun nuts.

    I'm afraid you're right.  Fox and right wing talk radio and media are the driving force behind much of this. Getting the masses riled up every day is good for ratings and profits. It scares me. I'm afraid someday these Foxbots are going to take their stocks of assault weapons, and start massacring people.

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