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  •  Fairness Doctrine secondary effect too (1+ / 0-)
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    I am a Patriot

    Yes - repeal of the fairness doctrine made a lot of this possible (especially Limbaugh, who is over-the-air).
    But the secondary effect is important, too.  That is, people who grew up "trusting" what they hear on TV and radio. The Fairness Doctrine basically ensured that people expected that what they hear or see on the media of a political nature is true -- (They wouldn't let them say that about the Democrats/Republicans if it werent' true).  
    Bias, sure....but making stuff up....these folks still have the default presumption that you can't do that.  So Fox and Limbaugh can make stuff up, and enjoy the presumption of respectability.....which was the legacy of the (long-gone) Fairness Doctrine.

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