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    By itself it isn't a revolution.

    The revolution in agriculture is coming from a change in perspective: a shift from chemistry trumps all to recognizing the sheer enormity of the biological tapestry that plants require to survive and thrive.

    SRI is a wonderful method, but even better is the adoption of new decision making frameworks. SRI can and should be a tool, but it shouldn't be separated from the years of research being done on the agroecological system.

    Applied by itself, SRI is just one step towards understanding plant needs. SRI is still planting in monocultures- which deprive the soil life of diverse root exudates. Also, depending on the size of the fields, the monocultures will always reduce the number of beneficial predators and thus still remain vulnerable targets for pests whose niche requirements are being met by the SRI plot.

    The revolution in agriculture is recognizing the drawbacks of any one method and applying multiple techniques with the help of an agroecological design framework to treat the land under one's care as a whole system set within the larger ecological context.

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