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View Diary: Watching Maddow's "Hubris: Selling the Iraq War" (189 comments)

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    elwior, Notreadytobenice

    I saw it and was somewhat disappointed. Did not go nearly far enough in calling out the war criminals. Can't do it in a year much less in a one hour show. But I remember being sickened while the general public and the media swallowed every lie from Bush and his co-conspirators in the lead up to the Iraq War. Every news outlet pushed the Bush line, snickered at how the UN was being taken in by Saddam Hussien. I remember that Rove's slimy fingerprints were all over this - his "Mission Accomplished" designed to get a permanent republican majority in the House, Senate, and Executive. A nice easy war, full of photo-ops. Didn't turn out that way so they had to spin it. It was hard to get  at the truth. So very little of it was reported but it was out there. There were voices speaking out against the lies or for a more reasonable approach. Collin Powell is given much credit as a dessenting voice but in the end he put all his influence behind a story line he knew to be untrue, a story line that ultimately cost thousands of lives, innocent lives, and bankrupted out nation. I could go on and on but the outrage overwhelms me.

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