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  •  I agree, sort of. (17+ / 0-)

    My family is composed of law enforcement, and while most are small town cops, a few work in large cities. Most of them are good cops, but since 9/11, that changed.

    At family gatherings, they started talking about "perps" and "grilling so-called victims" - no one was a victim, just a perp who hadn't been caught yet. Anyone who reported a crime became a criminal in their eyes, an accessory to the crime at the very least.

    They look at me weird because I'm not "one of them." This is my family.  A decade ago, there wasn't that distinction. When they visit, they surreptitiously search my house for contraband, and if they don't find some little illegality they can call me on, they get more and more - tense. So, I stopped inviting them over. My family. Because I'm not "one of them".

    They've been indoctrinated into paranoia and brotherhood, and if a harmless family member can be viewed with suspicion and treated as an outsider, they are good cops riding a hair trigger.

    Recently, though, during some of the Occupy actions that took place elsewhere in the country, they've started looking at what they are doing. I think Newtown really shook a lot of them up more than they are willing to admit, and incidences where innocent people are being shot by police without any warning at all, or beaten to death, is making them question the paranoid funk they've been in since 2002.

    I think the good cops don't know how to deal with the rampant paranoia and militarism that's invaded the police.  They're watching a lot of old cop show re-runs like Adam-12 and Dragnet, where the police treated even the criminals with respect.

    They're wondering and feeling trapped.

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    by Noddy on Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 10:49:58 AM PST

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