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View Diary: TRIGGER WARNING: Reading this post will give you nightmares (256 comments)

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  •  We can't see behind the bushes, but his (5+ / 0-)

    injuries and his voice tell us that those cops were dealing with a man who was bleeding profusely from the nose, and they kept on kneeling on him, and beating him.

    At some point he would have been bleeding from the mouth too. And then he stopped pleading and it was many minutes before their was any concern for his injuries or his life. And then, at the last minute, they start to wipe his face, to clean him up a little.

    Sickening. I hope the Father goes all the way. It's like Elizabeth Warren said, we need some case to go all the way to trial, with days and days of testimony so we get to see a little bit of how these organizations operate.

    •  Just before they started to talk about wiping his (1+ / 0-)
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      face, one of them says, look at him, he's on something for sure.

      Well Jesus Fucking Christ on a popsicle stick, haven't you ever seen a dead guy before?

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