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View Diary: Arctic Death Spiral: Sea Ice Volume Now One/Fifth its 1980 Volume (61 comments)

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    •  I'm sure there's some enterprising engineer (4+ / 0-)
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      Brooklyn Jim, SuWho, Cliss, Kombema

      ..considering "flaring" the methane releases and lighting the planet like a kitchen stove burner.

      •  A common proposal in comments sections (10+ / 0-)

        Harvesting and using this methane for energy is a common proposal in comments sections.

        It usually is made by people who are just spitballing ideas, often innocently enough.  When you ask how one is supposed to collect the gas when it is diffused over such a large area, almost inevitably the reply comes in the form of "the giant plastic tarp suggestion."

        This is often pitched as a twofer: "make it white and you can increase the albedo in the arctic, cooling the planet!"

        Unfortunately, this proposal often relies upon magical thinking to wish away the carbon input cost of the ABSURD amount of material that would be needed, the issues of deployment, fragility of material, collection of the gas, energy input to compress the gas, environmental costs of covering entire ecosystems in thin plastic sheeting for a few decades while said ecosystems off-gas their stored methane, etc.

        The immensity of the problems we face is staggering.  We come from a culture steeped in reliance upon technological magic bullets.  The confluence of the two leads many people to make hopeful but ultimately goofy suggestions.  But sadly, there is and will be no such bullet for climate change.  Instead, this new generation of hurdles for human civilization is the bill of fare for our very reliance upon technological magic bullets to expand local (and eventually global) carrying capacity for so many millennia.

        •  I always thought we could (2+ / 0-)
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          celdd, Cliss

          decouple the heisenberg compensators to send a tachyon pulse

        •  Jim, you do realize that this..... (0+ / 0-)

          is actually doable(it may not be quite THE "Silver Bullet" but it's likely to prove quite helpful if tried.), and that it doesn't necessarily require massive amounts of carbon input, right?

          TBH, this is one of the most annoying fallacies that we have to put up with, that somehow, EVERY technology that really could potentially help us battle climate change(and we may not have a choice, anyhow), somehow just HAS to inevitably use massive amounts of carbon input? I hate to say this, but this argument does kinda remind me of the various "green-washing" hit pieces that I used to come across on Watts Up With That, and other denial places like that.

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