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View Diary: The Many Problems with Maddow's "Hubris" (190 comments)

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  •  Any reasonably informed person (10+ / 0-)

    already knew the war was a complete scam way before it was executed. The reporting was immense. The punditry and the newsreaders were selling the war. But there were countless people doing great reporting.

    I was struck by the fact that the OSP wasn't mentioned. Cheney ran them like a sweatshop, often appeared in person to intimidate and they produced all sorts of bogus "intel".

    Over and above that, invading counties because......paranoia, is unconstitutional. Saddam was lying about WMD because: Iran. I would have lied too. Ostensibly al qaeda were a bunch of wahabbists. They certainly weren't on board with that blasphemous Saddam, although they were sympathetic to the Ayatollahs, even if their brand was different. That was the American strategy for years. Keep Iraq as a bulwark against Iran. [which paradigm reminds me of Prometheus, don't like the results? Scrap it and start over, because you can.]

    The internet has been scrubbed of a lot more stuff that makes this the biggest catastrophe in the history of the world. Hubris is not really apt, it's too weak.

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