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  •  The grand lie of Iraq - (0+ / 0-)

    just like the grand lie of Vietnam.  They are/were exactly the same.  As a disabled Vietnam veteran who lived through them both I was in total disbelief that this nation was being told the same lies again.  A kind of madness seems to take over everyone.  I never believed a word about Iraq.

    •  Hell, people like John McCain (1+ / 0-)
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      and others who were hawks leading up to Vietnam (and Iraq), are still self deluded and will fight anyone who didn't fall for the hype, the grand lie, the national madness that was the Vietnam war of choice.  Sometimes the truth is just too painful to accept.  In this case the grand lie is all they have/had.  It was a horror.  As was Iraq.  I go to the largest and busiest VA Hospital in the country for healthcare.  The VA is overwhelmed with veterans needing all kinds of care.

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