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View Diary: Updated x2 - CNBC/CNN put Tesla to the Test. NY Times Fails. (230 comments)

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  •  splash in a teacup (0+ / 0-)

    who cares? CNBC now a hero or something?

    Fuck Tesla, really. People carry on as if Tesla is some kind of essential precursor to non-gasoline cars. It's not - the future is coming with or without Tesla.

    It's a luxury-fetish we can start getting over now - who can afford this thing anyway, really?

    Big deal - NYT did a stupid. Look around a bit to find big stupid from CNN and CNBC.

    Tesla-man is a billionaire already - doesn't need anyone's help despite his predilection for free marketing (the reason for this whole splash in a teacup in the first place).

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