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  •  Not city council. (2+ / 0-)
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    Mayor.  Which is a pretty big deal, since the mayors of L.A., NYC, and Chicago generally get a national platform when they want to talk about an issue.  Antonio Villaraigosa (D) is term-limited.  There's four main candidates running to replace him:

    Eric Garcetti (D), former city council president
    Wendy Greuel (D), city controller
    Jan Perry (D), city councilwoman
    Kevin James (R), talk show host

    If that last name sounds familiar, yes, that's the same Kevin James who Chris Matthews made mince meat out of a few years ago when he went on Hardball and showed just how fucking STUPID he was when he attacked Obama for "appeasement" without even fucking understanding what the history of the word meant.

    He seems to have become more polished since then, and being the only conservative in the race, right-wingers are putting their money behind him.  Though even he came out (along with all the liberal candidates) in favor of an assault weapons ban in a prior debate, and he's also openly gay.  But hey, it's Los Angeles.  A true conservative would simply not gain any traction here.  :-)

    The frontrunners seem to be Garcetti and Greuel, who will probably advance in the top two primary system (remember, California switched to this system thanks to a stupid proposition in 2010).  If you ask front pager Dante Atkins, he's strongly backing Garcetti in this race.  But they're both basically liberal Democrats.

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