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View Diary: LIVE COVERAGE: Wisconsin Supreme Court Non-Partisan Primary Returns (39 comments)

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  •  Fallone runs it up in Dane (6+ / 0-)

      2/3 of the voters in Dane County didn't vote for Roggensack, and nearly 60% of them voted for Fallone. Given that this place is the one most likely to actually be paying attention to this race and the Court issue, that's a good sign.

       Milwaukee County numbers are a bit worrysome, only because Fallone's from there and I figured he'd do better. 62-63% is a good number for Roggensack, but not a big worry. It simply means that Fallone has to win about 2/3 of those who didn't show up today but will in April.

      And I think that's definitely doable, especially if we spread the word about just how corrupt Roggensack and this Court is, and how keeping her on the Court endangers same-day registration, could allow voter ID, voucher schools, and dismantling of the state's domestic partner registry. Roggensack's getting a lot of cash to back up Walker on this (she alleged did robocalls from the Republican Party of Wisconsin today), so just tie her to these RW goofballs (in the Court and the Legislature) and Walker's screwed-up policies, and I like Prof. Ed's chances.

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