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View Diary: Ready for This? Last Month 100% of New Electrical Capacity in the US came from Renewable Sources (187 comments)

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  •  mandates in local ordinances? (0+ / 0-)

    Since getting the do-nothing congress to do anything is impossible, what are the possibilities of localities (particularly progressive ones) adding some building permit requirements for solar power generation in new construction.  There are plenty of other codes as far a roofing durability and insulation standards that are already on the books.
    Can a city require X amount of solar generation per square foot of new construction?  Maybe require a higher amount for commercial be higher.  I think one of the big hurdles for many is $.  But a couple thousand dollars over 30 years wouldn't be to burdensome.

    The other thought I had related to the cost problem for individuals is what could be done to add retrofit solar generation into the purchase contract at the time of purchase of an existing home.  I know I have been involved in home transactions that called for me to pay for a new roof and another that required money was put aside to repair a foundation after the purchase.  Could there be something similar that a buyer could escrow the costs for solar retrofit allowing it to be included in the mortgage but not mess with the down payment requirements or home-to-value ratios?  Can banks be made to accept that?

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