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View Diary: Walmart pressing felony theft charges against worker for eating Oreos (261 comments)

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    schnecke21, Dr Swig Mcjigger

    The decision to classify all theft (including shoplifting) as a felony in Indiana, regardless of value of goods stolen, is the decision of the legislature - duly elected by the people. It's a democracy thing, you know.

    Are Indiana's laws on theft harsh? Probably.

    But it's not Walmart's fault that they happen to do business in a state with such laws.

    In my opinion, Walmart is a ways down in the "blame" list here.

    First, the woman is to blame - she was clearly stealing and surely knew it.

    Second, the Indiana voters are to blame for allowing all level of theft to be felonies.

    Finally, maybe, Walmart should be subject to some scorn for not just firing her. But, to give themselves some protection from lawsuits for employment discrimination (gender or age), they would be wise to report the case to the police. What the prosecutors decide to do with the case is largely beyond the control of Walmart if they want it recorded and documented for their own protection.

    Should Walmart also ignore shoplifting by the general public in Indiana because they think the law is too harsh if they report it? How about the local mom-and-pop store? Should all such merchants then just raise prices on everyone else (which includes many poor people) in Indiana to compensate for rampant shoplifting once the criminals figure out that they won't be reported?

    Yes, she wasn't paid very well. But $11.40 an hour, at 2000 hours a year, is over $22,000. No, that's not a lot, but the neighborhood she appears to live in is not very expensive -- few houses are over $100K (see zillow, but the value of the house she appears to live in is probably skewed - perhaps a foreclosure). The zip code she seems to live in has a median household income of $36,595 so likely has a pretty low cost of overall living...

    ...not that it matters since stealing is not justified by need nor should a shop owner be expected to put up with it.

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