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View Diary: Indiana would like to be the next state to transvaginally rape you. Twice. For your own good. (176 comments)

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    When it was still kinda unheard of in 2001, I had to have one because I had incredible pain in my back, and in their effort to find out what was wrong (8 disks in my back had burst, nada to do with my woman parts) they decided to do this procedure, theoretically to look for a kidney/bladder problem. I was not comfy with the idea at all, but the scariest part was when the make technician came whistling into the room and said, "OK Mrs B we're going to do a transvaginal ultrasound probe" and then he started to whistle again, kinda all happy-like. Then his whistle choked off and he said, "Whoa! Oh, you're a'll have to wait while I go find a female nurse or somebody to remain with you while I do this..." - My 15 year old daughter was with me in the room, and we both laughed a little hysterically and asked him how many transvaginal procedures he'd done on men? The whole thing was uncomfortable, apparently for him as well, because he went and found some lady to do the actual probing while he ran the buttons. No it didn't hurt, but I have to say it was not my favorite moment in a hospital. I kept telling them it was something wrong with my back but they spent over a week looking for something wrong with my feminine parts instead. 11 days in a hospital in agony before they did a MRI of my spine and went oh wow, 8 disks have burst and bled into your spine and that's why you hurt so bad and can't operate your legs. Gee Whiz. I had insurance at the time, but I can bet that if I didn't have insurance, this wouldn't have happened quite like that.
    That being said, no state has the right to rape you at all, let alone twice with a plastic thingy for no medical reason. I feel for the doctors too.

    When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.-Mark Twain

    by Havoth on Fri Feb 22, 2013 at 09:16:00 AM PST

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