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View Diary: What are the Issues in Central and Western North Carolina (NC-10)? - Patrick McHenry's District (10 comments)

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    Our district is mostly rural with a little suburban.  The number one issue is getting rid of McHenry.  Lately, the incumbent utilities and state econ dev commissions have attracted server farms to replace the mostly lost textile/furniture industry.  Apple, Facebook, Google have all located server farms in or near NC10 along the 321 corridor.  Apple is planning 40 MW of solar installations for their facility and should have about 10 MW of Bloom Energy fuel cells up and running soon if it is not already.  The other significant econ dev project in the area was a Duke Energy coal plant upgrade in the Rutherford/Cleveland county area.
    BTW - it is nice to see there is at least one other person in NC10 I would probably agree with on most things.

    •  I actually live near the 45th parallel in (0+ / 0-)

      Minnesota- It looks like I may be relocating to NC this summer. I have mainly been doing some research only, but have been to Asheville recently.

      •  Asheville (0+ / 0-)

        Asheville, like Charlotte and the RTP area are NC versions of blue islands in a sea of red similar to Austin, TX.  Good music scene, arts and outdoors.
        You can trade in your snow shoes for some hiking boots.

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