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View Diary: La Repubblica: Pope Resigned After Inquiry Discovered Gay Vatican Network (297 comments)

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  •  Been a long time coming... (13+ / 0-)

    When the pedophile priest scandal first hit, it was in Boston. And the Vatican, and just about every catholic from here to there, said it was only gays in the church and that "nothing like that has happened anywhere else" I thought...right, Boston is just an isolated case. Horse hockey!
    If it happened in Boston, then it's happened elsewhere too. And as we've seen over the years, scandal after scandal has emerged - from Boston to LA and other cities. I remember seeing a report on the TV talking about the school the Vatican runs to train boys for the priesthood, and how some of them, many years later (adults in their 4os and 50s) talked of abuse at the school over the years, that there was NO WAY this was isolated. But the pope gave Boston's cardinal a cushy job at Vatican City, instead of being thrown out of the church for the cover-up. And we've seen more and more of this.
    The church hates gays, blames pedophilia on gays and continues to rake in the gold from gullible parishioners.
    This goes all the way to the top. perhaps we'll see the demise of the catholic church. Who knows. But I'll bet all their gold and jewels and real estate might go far in giving restitution. Then, perhaps, they can go about truly living the word of Jesus and living in that "vow of poverty" they so love to claim.

    Isn’t it ironic to think that man might determine his own future by something so seemingly trivial as the choice of an insect spray. ~ Rachel Carson, Silent Spring ~

    by MA Liberal on Thu Feb 21, 2013 at 09:16:45 PM PST

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