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  •  yeah (5+ / 0-)

    I agree.  Ed Schultz is one of the few to really talk about labor, and he CARES and goes into communities workplace to present and be knowledgeable about those issues - but I just can't watch him otherwise - It's all superficial politicking.

    Mattthews is entertaining.   Sharpton- meh.

    Chris Hayes weekend panels are great.  Rachel is always good and does do some great research pieces,  but with a two year old I haven't really watched her much recently.

    Lawrence has some good digs.  

    •  Wish they'd rerun Up and MHP (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      Instead of Prison Porn, I wish MSNBC would run those two weekend shows.  

      Those 2 shows should get more coverage than just on weekends.

      •  I don't have cable so I watch TRMS and Up w/Chris (0+ / 0-)

        online. Once they finally got broadband out to our rural area we ditched the dish. We have Netflix and local stations as well.

        It is nice to be able to watch when I have the time instead of on the networks schedule. I like to wake up to Rachel and Chris. :)

        PS. Anyone want a Dish dish or a Hughes Net dish? Neither one wanted their equipment back. :/

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