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    Since we decided to go vegan.   Surprisingly, there has been very little problem.  Last week we were babysitting our grandson, and went to a local place for lunch.  This is a teeny, tiny, store/pizza/sub place....tiny.(the stroller didn't fit. )  Anyhow, I asked if they used, milk, egg, cheese or lard in their pizza crust.  Nope.  Then asked for a pizza with chopped tomatoes, mushrooms olive oil and spices.  The owner said, he would make it, but it would need garlic and onions. I laughed and told him
    to do what he wanted, just no meat or dairy.  The pizza was DELICIOUS!  He gave me a business card and said since I babysit every week, "we" need to find calzones or subs that "we" could enjoy.  Oh, and he only charged me six bucks for the large pizza 'cause he said cheese was the only expensive item on pizzas.

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