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View Diary: Macca's Meatless Monday...everybody's going green (85 comments)

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  •  I've been a vegan for five years now... (4+ / 0-)

    I'm not a good vegan as I eat too much pasta and too much soy. But I can share a favorite recipe - a real simple Broccoli Linguini.

    -1 full produce bag of Broccoli Crowns
    -1 yellow Onion
    -about 5 garlic clove(not the whole clove the little inner ones)
    - about 1/2 cup olive oil
    - 1 pound of Linguini

    1. Cut Broccoli into bite size pieces, put in big stock pot, cover with water and boil until Broccoli is at desired tenderness. When done do not discard water.

    2. Cook pasta to Al detente.

    3. Finely chop Onion and Garlic and saute in small sauce pot until golden brown.

    Timing is important because you want the above steps to all finish at the same time. It's better to be late with the oil/onion/garlic than early.

    Once everything is cooked:

    1. Drain pasta and put in big pasta bowl.

    2. Ladle broccoli on top of pasta. Include the broccoli water as you ladle. When you're finished you want the broccoli water level to be at the top of the pasta. Save the leftover broccoli water - in case you save leftovers you will want to again cover the pasta in water in the storage container.

    3. Ladle Oil/onion/garlic evenly over broccoli

    4. Serve with lots of table salt(I said I was a bad Vegan).

     I noticed it takes a few tries before you get the amount of oil right. It really depends how heavy or light you want your meal.

     I make my own spaghetti sauce too. It's something I learned when I still ate meat, but it serves me well as a vegan.

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