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View Diary: Rules finalized for the good stuff in Obamacare (106 comments)

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    This is the stuff that's going to make Obamacare no longer a dirty word.
    Of course this will be true for those whose premiums go down, those with pre-existing conditions who are not currently insured due to availability or very high premiums or exclusions, and those who are not now insured because they can't afford it but now, with the subsidies, will be able to.

    There is obviously another side of the coin though. Some people's premiums (or contributions in the case of group plans) will almost certainly go up. Some of these people will understand that it's for the greater good, but some will decide that Obamacare is a dirty word even though they didn't think so previously. The important question for politicians is: "Will those who benefit outnumber those who pay more?" My guess is that the absolute number of those who will pay more will be outnumber those who will pay less. Although the aggregate cost increase for "the many" may not be much more than the aggregate cost decrease for "the few", each person gets only one vote. If, for every 10 people who see a decrease in rates, 100 see an increase of $75 a month, it won't be a happy time in about three years.

    There are, of course, some mitigating factors. Obviously some people who are low risk will just drop their insurance and pay the penalty -- assured that they can get insurance if they get diagnosed with something that will be expensive and insurance is cheaper than paying for it (or than declaring bankruptcy to escape it). Although this will push up the cost of insurance for others, those who do this will likely be happy as they are saving a lot of money.

    It will be interesting, I'm stocking up on popcorn.

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