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View Diary: 2 haters post hit lists, lose their guns: be happy. (249 comments)

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  •  not to argue with you but I would point out that (4+ / 0-)
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    fuzzyguy, LilithGardener, KenBee, qofdisks

    these same people would have no idea of the significance of 100 rounds as they would not realize this amount of ammo is an ordinary amount for a dove hunter or skeet shooter to burn in a single day.  Once again, whichever measure is used, it should be given context so people have an idea of the true significance of the information

    •  Please, 100 rounds in the hands of someone (8+ / 0-)

      who is not legally permitted to own any firearms is 100 rounds too many!

      And it's not the police's job to teach the public about a lawful hunter's typical consumption of ammunition.

      I'll venture that a drunk hunter consumes more rounds than a sober one, in any case. Should the police point out that angry man with illegal fire arms and 100 bullets wasn't drunk at the time of his arrest? (But probably was at the time of his facebook post?)

    •  Go ahead and argue with me (1+ / 0-)
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      I don't mind.

      A single bullet can be a hazard in the hands of a child with a hammer and hard surface, or a teenager and pipe with some clever friends.

      But you seriously don't expect the police to report that to the public when the report that hazardous fire arms materials were removed from the person's home.

      It's YOUR job to work together with other responsible hunters to educate the gun-shy, gun-ignorant, and gun-fearful public about what safe and prudent hunting involves.

      But only if you want to prevent erosion of the RKBA.

      •  I thought that was what I was trying to do (3+ / 0-)
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        LilithGardener, qofdisks, orlbucfan

        I would welcome any suggestions on what I could do to be more effective.
        Thank you for your comments

        •  I saw that and thing others have addressed (5+ / 0-)

          the main complaint, which was an inference that the police were intentionally choosing the smallest number to have a bigger effect.

          Let's try a different example.

          Suppose some teens spread a box of thumbtacks on the road and a number of people get flat tires. In that case, a box of thumbtacks is something many people can relate to, but the actual number of tacks is better because a box of thumb tacks could be a big box, or a small box.

          But suppose some teens spread a box of nails on the road and a number of people get flat tires. In that case, it's much more important that the police report the number of nails recovered, and not the number of boxes recovered, because fewer people know how many nails are in a box.

          In either case, the number of nails a typical carpenter consumes in a day is NOT AT ALL RELEVANT, and it certainly isn't the police spokesperson's job to explain that context to the press or to the public.

          •  however 100 rounds are a normal amount of (2+ / 0-)
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            KenBee, qofdisks

            rounds.  Again this is how the police assert that a lb of weed is worth $20,000.

            Check out any online firearms auction as a quick comparison and you will find that is the usual amount of rounds in a lot.  However, using your example of thumbtacks, I think most press reports would state "Several teens scattered a box of tacks on the highway and several tires were flattened"  instead of"Joe Blow put 13 tacks on the road and flattened 2 tires; Ann Jo put 10 tacks on the road flattening 3 tires and Tommy Roe (remember him?) put 22 tacks on the road flattening 12 tires" or to be even more specific the report could name each driver of each car and the owner of each car.  Reports are not done in this detail

    •  and how many .50 calibre "tank busters" (1+ / 0-)
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      would the duck hunter need to use in an afternoon?

      •  depends on if they were live and were true (1+ / 0-)
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        "tank busters" or were coffee table ornaments.  I see a couple of demilitarized grenades on auction every week or so along with all kinds of Samurai swords, Eva Braun's stuff, 1911 .45's and various other WWII bring-backs.

        Heck I even saw a "potato masher" on auction some time ago

    •  The significance of the 100 rounds is quite... (0+ / 0-)

      ...easy to calculate.

      You take the total number of bullets, and divide by the number of people on his hit list.

      Kind of like taking the total number of bullets fired by Adam Lanza and dividing by the number of children murder by him, to arrive at a number somewhere between 3 and 11.

      Knowing the number of boxes that all these bullets could be stuffed in is kind of an irrelevant statistic here.

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