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View Diary: Death at My Doorstep: Gun Violence in America (21 comments)

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    So many thought evoking ideas expressed in what you wrote.  One I picked up on.  The arts, which we most often see as a means of freedom of thought, being used as a means of oppression.

     "Hip Hop, which began in the 1970s as block party music in the South Bronx was by the mid-1980s slowly being transformed by corporate America into the minstrel show of Gangsta Rap. The Brute and the Jezebel are reinvented and sold to a new audience."

    Access to music now controlled by a few corporations.  Radio stations owned.  Recording companies owned.  Music stores (in a mall near you) owned.  Internet music???  Well on it's way, with a few cracks left for originality.


    "What you see is what you get"--Just remember to take off the rose colored glasses!

    by QueerVoice on Sun Feb 24, 2013 at 04:21:01 AM PST

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