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View Diary: DKos Special Diary: The Mythical John Wesley Powell and the 1869 Expedition, Part 6 (27 comments)

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    I have finally caught up and cannot wait for the next episode! The people who have other interests and are not reading this great story do not know what they are missing and they are the poorer for it. I much prefer this type of diary as so many of the others I read here are ridiculous and often a waste of time. This diary at least is time well spent and educational as well as a very exciting adventure. Please excuse those who do not read it as they obviously are too wrapped up in the gloomy politics of the day. I also feel that we who do read this and your other diaries have all experienced adventures and love to share with others even though sometimes vicariously. Carry on!

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      it is folks like you to whom I write these diaries, as though on a personal tour, maybe even sharing such Powell episodes, as though here we all are, standing on the banks of the Colorado River, inside the Grand Canyon, near Bright Angel Creek (what he once called "Silver Creek") and hearing this story from start to finish in usually hellish hot weather, though in the shade, thereby giving the students a real treat and offering the real ambience of what took place many, many years ago. My trouble is I could talk about the major and all the other river running stuff for days on end. But those darn field institute students have to sleep and eat sometime, right? HA! Anyway, we must remember Daily Kos, as a diary setup, is essentially politically oriented. So, those folks get the lion's share of the hits and recommendations and so on, and that's okay. I am just happy to have found a niche in this site that allows me to share such stuff as I have been doing, and you and the others can bet the iinfo is authentic as can be, and if understood, the educational part of it, hell, any of you could go out and assume an educator's role, garner a cliental, and make a buck or two. I've had the honor of doing this sort of thing for nearly 25 years (but I did make more than a buck or two). So, why not pay it forward, by sharing all this stuff if an appreciative audience, like you wynative? Why not, indeed. Happy to do it, too.

      Treat the world (yourself, and others) as part of a living organism. Everyone and everything will benefit.

      by richholtzin on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 12:44:22 PM PST

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      Politics must be informed by all sorts of things, certainly history is an important one. And as the diarist says, those issues of water and land use don't go away; they're more urgent now than ever.

      If anyone thinks history is dull, read this series; it's breathtaking!

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        and this story is, I think you can tell, one of my all-time favorites to tell and share with others. Your insight to history and its important is also very telling, RiveroftheWest. I think 90% of the problem in this country is we don't learn a damn thing from the past. It's just human nature and poly + tics as usual. Just posted the next installment a bit late (I HAVE to have my few hours bike riding every day) but now it's on the air, as it were. Hope you enjoy this installment, too.

        Treat the world (yourself, and others) as part of a living organism. Everyone and everything will benefit.

        by richholtzin on Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 02:54:51 PM PST

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