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  •  Space Biz - Positive effects in cultural spinoff (5+ / 0-)

    One of the things that I find personally motivating about the development of the NewSpace industry is that it must necessarily entail some advanced developments in science, technology, engineering, and implicitly, math - the STEM disciplines.

    That the NewSpace industry would continue to develop  - and industry overall - I think it's vitally important that we continue to emphasize the development (and perhaps in some areas, re-development) of quality science and math education programs, in public schools, as well as the viability of college in regards to those "STEM disciplines" in postsecondary education and in professional careers  overall.

    I think there's a lot of work that can be done, in that much, and that it would naturally benefit the economy. I just don't know how much there is for popular support about it, in some regions - thinking, the MidSouth for instance - ironically, the  poorer regions, where further sustainable economic development would certainly be no hindrance to the community, yet where the prevailing agendas of the climate may seem to block any effort to develop better science education, and necessarily, math. What a strange gridlock it makes.

    Meanwhile, though, in states and in braoder regional climates where science education would not be grossly undervalued, development continues - and likewise, competition?

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