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View Diary: ALEC Sham Chemical Disclosure Model Tucked Into Illinois Fracking Bill (4 comments)

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    This section lends the industry the ability to conduct fracking operations within 1,500 feet of groundwater sources and 500 feet of schools, houses, hospitals, nursing homes, and places of worship. It also enables the industry to frack within 300 feet of rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

    These regulations do not take into account the fact that the horizontal drilling portion of the fracking process extends between 5,000 and 10,000 feet. The sobering reality: none of these things would be protected under this bill’s current language.

    The set-back provisions are to mitigate drilling noise, pollution and safety issues on the surface.  The downhole portion of the well has nothing to do with that.

    Things like surface dwellings and groundwater would already have thousands of feet of vertical separation from the fracking activity.

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