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  •  Not sure which article you mean (2+ / 0-)
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    JesseCW, MGross

    I didn't see a link in your comment and you link to several in the diary.  But in any case, the Wikipedia link you have notes that ammunition at the range must be used at the range. (Whether everyone does that is another story.)

    But the link also notes that the only regulation on ammunition sales otherwise is that (1) hollow points are only for hunting purposes and (2) the buyer's name must be recorded in a bound book. That is a restriction, true, but it is far from "near total restrictions on the purchase and use of ammunition."

    Those are under the 1999 Gun Act per the Wikipedia article. As it notes, there were some changes in 2008. As for records of sale, I didn't find any change in my cursory research.

    I did find some other types of forbidden ammunition enumerated, though. You can read the 2008 Waffenverordnung's restrictions on ammunition types here:

    Final thought: in the US, you also can buy a breechloading black powder weapon without any permit or licensing. You could order one in the mail or online without issue, in fact.

    •  There is a program for subsidized ammo for the (2+ / 0-)
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      andalusi, MGross

      licensed shooting ranges, in order to promote marksmanship.

      The ammo purchased under that subsidized program must be used at the range.

      This seems to be the source of confusion.

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