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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: John Kasich's approvals improve, but his head-to-heads are weak (22 comments)

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    I'm an Ohioan--I'll tell why (most likely) the governor's numbers are up.  

    He just proposed a big budget plan/tax overhaul that includes the following:

    - A (bullshit) plan to lower income tax rates by 20% across the board, but expand sales tax.  (The overall effect of this is essentially no difference on middle income tax payers, but big breaks for the wealthy, and increased burden on the poor, who get hit with the expanded sales tax but practically nothing back from the income tax cut.)

    - Sales tax drops half a percent, but expands to cover services now.  Also, the portion allocated to the counties drops, so the state keeps more of it.

    - However, Kasich also announced a Medicaid expansion (surprisingly) which will actually do a lot of good and cover like 1 million more people.

    - Also a change in state funding to school districts, but the coverage on this has been more negative--looks like poor districts might see their state aid decrease, while some wealthy districts might get more money.  

    Anyway, that's my take--the main headlines being noticed by voters are of course, the 20% income tax cut.  And the Medicaid expansion.  The nuances about impact of sales tax etc. require deeper analysis, which of course, most voters don't engage in.

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