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View Diary: S.D. legislators make waiting period for an abortion even worse by eliminating weekends and holidays (55 comments)

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  •  The real outrage is that (0+ / 0-)

    the women in South Dakota elect these pricks time and time again.  The biggest threat to all women is all women.  In South Dakota, we have a one party rule, more or less, as there are damn few elected democrats.  There are plenty of democrats in the state, but not that may elected officials.  So here is what you get.

    it is a known fact that women vote.  They out vote men and have greater numbers than male voters, so what gives?  It beats the shit out of me.  South Dakota had a chance to get a democrat in the US House this past election.  Guess who won?  Yep, Kristi NOem, a former South Dakota state legislator who went on to beat Stephanie Herseth in the surge of 2010.  NOem's race was not really close this time around, even after not voting for the Violence Against Women Act, she still took the female vote.  Until the voters get tired of this abuse of power and women start to defend themselves against this intrusion from the State, it will just get worse.  

    It may be just simpler to do fundraising to send this women to states that provide the services.  It would seem that you could go through the Skype for the consultation and then have them go to the provider to get the procedure.  As long as these men keep getting creative in their abuse, why not give it back to them.  

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