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    Roadbed Guy, Lujane

    "I certainly have no sympathy for child molesters, but I do have some grave doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures," Flanagan responded in the video.
    He explained he is not part of the ruling Conservative Party of Canada and does not agree with all of its criminal justice policies. Flanagan went on to say his email address was added to a mailing list for the Man/Boy Love Association.
    "I started getting their mailings for a couple of years and that's about the closest I ever came to child pornography. So, it is a real issue of personal liberty and to what extent we put people in jail for doing something in which they do not harm another person," Flanagan argued, met with boos from the crowd.

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      the issue in the New Yorker

      In arguing for harsher penalties for viewing child pornography, lawmakers have tended to conflate the desire to view photographs (a crime that can be detected by tracing a computer’s I.P. address) with actual sex abuse, which is notoriously difficult to prosecute, since young victims are easily silenced.
      Child-pornography sentencing laws have been passed rapidly, with little debate; it’s nearly impossible, politically, to object to harsh punishments for perverts. Melissa Hamilton, a law professor at the University of Houston Law Center, told me that lawmakers have treated pornography possession as if it were an “inchoate crime.” She said, “It has become a kind of proxy—a way to incapacitate men who we fear have already molested someone, or will in the future.”
      It's really awfully tough to try to simultaneously protect kids from the monsters out there and not step over some ill defined line and start prosecuting innocent adults.

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